22 December 2014
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License exempt ptp and ptmp wireless links
Wireless CCTV security solutions

Wireless CCTV security solutions

Professional wireless network design services

Professional wireless network design services

Wavesight - Your Global Wireless CCTV, Ethernet Bridging and VOIP Communications Partner.


Wavesight Wireless CCTV, Ethernet Bridging and VOIP Solutions

Wavesight are specialist providers of outdoor wireless network solutions for professional wireless CCTV surveillance and Ethernet bridging applications, employing a range of technologies delivering transmission bandwidths up to 4Gbps over distances of up to 60Km where clear "line of sight" exists.

Wavesight’s professional services team assist at every stage, from initial site survey through to detailed network planning, installation and commissioning. For more information regarding wireless CCTV networks please email us or call +44 (0) 1582 578 160.

Wavesight Wireless Link Return On Investment Calculator

Wavesight can provide a genuine alternative to the expensive, disruptive and time consuming task of 'digging in' cable or fibre for CCTV or other outdoor Ethernet connections. Click on our calculator below for a guide to just how cost effective a Wavesight solution can be!

Wavesight Wireless Link Cost Comparison