19 December 2014
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Town & City Surveillance CCTV Camera Networks


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Today’s increased threats to security in towns and cities across the world make it necessary for police forces and security operatives to have eyes and ears everywhere.

Traditionally, large scale city surveillance projects would be deployed utilising fibre or cable based connectivity infrastructure for the transmission of high quality, evidentially sound video between cameras and control centres.

The Challenges

In most cases, the practical implications and challenges associated with installing the fibre and cable have far outweighed those experienced when installing the system cameras.

Even in cities equipped with large scale fibre networks there may be significant costs associated with connecting remote cameras to the fibre back-bone. In addition to the initial expenditure, the burden of ongoing leasing costs payable to the telecoms operator can put a serious strain on budgets.

In addition, the civil engineering works undertaken to install fibre or cable frequently create a great deal of public inconvenience and can lead to major traffic management issues.

The Solution

Wavesight wireless solutions provide a genuine alternative to fibre in many instances. They can be used to transmit video images equal in quality to those delivered by fibre connections with extremely low latency and utilising the latest proprietary data encryption techniques. Furthermore, Wavesight systems are extremely reliable, easy to configure using Wavesight’s wizard based RF Analyser software utility and can be installed and commissioned in a matter of hours.

Wavesight’s wireless products are based on IP technology and are immediately compatible with existing IP network and control room solutions. The additional use of suitable encoders and decoders enables all Wavesight systems to be connected to existing analogue or hybrid systems. In large scale city surveillance projects it is likely that a number of combined technologies may be deployed. Typically, a fibre network may form the connectivity back-bone, whilst Wavesight systems are used to connect cameras in areas where the fibre network does not reach. On a smaller scale it is often feasible to deploy a totally wireless network, completely eliminating the need for fibre.

Historically, many wireless network installations have failed to meet performance expectations, often because the wireless products and ancillaries installed did not meet the performance requirements demanded by the application or because the companies responsible for the network design had insufficient experience and knowledge.

Wavesight are different. Our experienced and highly proficient design team are frequently called upon to manage the design and implementation of wireless connectivity networks for town and city surveillance applications. We have designed and implemented numerous successful solutions globally. So much so, at Wavesight we guarantee the performance of any wireless network solution for which we are responsible.

The Benefits

Implementing a Wavesight wireless network, either for a simple point to point camera connection or for a total system solution results in specific financial and operational benefits, including:

  • Reduction in capital and operational expenditure
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Rapid installation and easily re-deployable
  • Negligible public inconvenience

Wireless Network Design

When considering the implementation of any wireless network for town and city surveillance it is essential that a number of key criteria be considered in the design and planning stages:

Line of Sight

Most wireless systems require a radio line of sight between transmitter and receiver for optimal operation. Although some wireless technologies can overcome this restriction to an extent, their operational range is limited.

The Wavesight network design team undertake detailed site surveys to identify locations and landmarks suitable for radio transceiver positioning, ensuring clear radio line of sight and effective radio operation.


An effective wireless network design imposes negligible time delay or ‘latency’ in the transmission of video and control signal data. For example, when utilising PTZ cameras any latency in the network results in a disconcerting delay between moving a joy stick and then seeing the camera image move. Wavesight wireless transceivers feature exceptionally low latency.By combining our wireless systems with carefully selected high performance network ancillaries such as switches and codecs, Wavesight wireless networks are designed to minimise system latency.

Bandwidth Requirements

The introduction of high resolution cameras capable of providing ‘evidentially sound’ images has dramatically increased the need for high bandwidth connectivity capable of handling the data rates demanded.

Wavesight pay careful attention to this aspect of wireless network design. Our network design team have a detailed understanding of the camera technology used in the security sector, ensuring that any network design is capable of meeting not just current needs but also future expansion plans. The resulting network designs rely on the utilisation of a range of ‘best in class’ licensed and unlicensed band wireless technologies and network devices that meet performance demands in a cost effective manner.

Reference Applications

United Kingdom

  • Luton Town Centre
  • Bedford Town Centre
  • Barry, South Wales
  • Chepstowe
  • Plymouth
  • Salford
  • Birmingham
  • London Boroughs
  • St Albans
  • Cleveland
  • Worcester
  • Fort William, Scotland
  • Leeds
  • Bradford
  • Bournemouth
  • Weston Super Mare
  • Bristol
  • Milton Keynes
  • Newark
  • Stevenage
  • Dover

The Netherlands

  • Amsterdam Central Station and City


  • Jammu and Kashmir
  • Bhopal City


  • Melbourne City
  • Sydney City