About Wavesight

Wavesight is a UK based leader in the design, manufacture and supply of outdoor wireless network, hybrid energy and mobile surveillance solutions for the professional security industry.

We manufacture in the United Kingdom and partner with credible components suppliers like Qualcomm, MTI WE and Huber and Suhner to name a few. Our products and solutions have been deployed in over 30 countries across the world.

  • Outdoor wireless network solutions optimized for video surveillance
  • Hybrid power solutions using energy from solar panels and wind turbines.
  • Mobile surveillance solutions for commercial and public transport.

Fixed Wireless Networks

Image _ Wireless TransmissionWavesight offer a complete range of license exempt OFDM and licensed microwave wireless communications systems suitable for a wide range of outdoor video, data and voice transmission applications. This wide range of wireless solutions enables Wavesight to specify the most logical and cost efficient combinations of wireless technology for any given application providing:

  • High quality video
  • Extremely low latency
  • Cost effective alternative to cable or leased line fibre
  • Encrypted data communications
  • Rapid deployment and easy installation
  • Complete structured infrastructure design and deployment





Live Recording

Click on the video below to view recorded CCTV running over a 5km wireless link.

Hybrid Energy

Solar Jackets -GermanyWavesight’ s innovative hybrid systems generate electricity using integrated wind and solar energy. The network-independent self-generated energy is used to supply power for components like CCTV, street lighting and Internet access points.

The self-sufficient multi-functional jackets offer a wide range of application possibilities which can also be adapted and configured according to individual requirements.

The systems deliver the highest levels of performance, reliability and maintainability. With the Smart Controller, power can be optimised from different sources – battery, solar or wind, allowing optimal system performance. The smart controller helps provide optimal power for cloudy days through its intelligent performance concept while cutting back on sunny days when extra energy isn’t required.

The unique Smart-Controller with its intelligent Cloud Management Platform elevates off-grid systems to a new level of performance and reliability. The Cloud- Control is a web-based analytics solution, which gives you 24/7 insight and control of your device’s operating status and power generation effectiveness. With the Cloud-Control you can monitor the performance of the power generation and power consumption of your system via computer or smart phone, change exposure profiles, dim the light, check the batteries, modify profile setups, execute system diagnostics, and much more. Your system is also automatically monitored by the Cloud-Control, so that problems can be identified and dealt with at any time. With the continuous collection of data, the Cloud-Control enables accurate measurements, to maintain the system operation with maximum efficiency.

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Mobile Surveillance

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 16.14.24

Protecting assets and operations is critical for every business. Take a proactive approach against threats to your mobile assets. Mobile security and surveillance solutions from Wavesight can help reduce your risk and help identify potential security threats before situations get serious.


Benefits of Mobile Security and Surveillance

Our solutions combine real-time video monitoring with the speed and reliability of our network and cloud-based management systems that offer analysis and intelligent alerts. These solutions keep you well-informed and on top of any potential threats – and help you take quick action to handle events before they escalate. Our mobile security and surveillance solutions can:

  • Improve operational efficiency with the ability to respond immediately to real-time events.
  • Give you ultimate freedom in placement of cameras and sensors.
  • Integrate with advanced technologies such as cloud networking, data analysis, storage systems and network devices.
  • Detect and alert you to activities or events based on predefined rules.
  • Help you centrally monitor multiple sites, potentially reducing the need for additional staffing.
  • Stream video footage in real time over IP-based networks for further indexing and analysis.
  • Give you situational awareness of the location or activity of objects in a monitored space


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Licensed Backhaul

Wavesight is also able to specify and supply alternative wireless technologies operating in the licensed frequency spectrum, where long term contention is a concern, or exceeding the 1Gbps bandwidth barrier is a must.

In all networking environments interconnects matter and this is no exception in the deployment of a wireless infrastructure.

Wavesight has carefully selected a group of ‘best of breed’ technology products to help our partners deliver an end to end solution. Wavesight is the complete partner you can trust, where customer service is key and no challenge is too big or too small.

SIAE MICROELETTRONICA microwave radio solutions are found to be operating successfully in a wide range of networks – Backbone, Backhaul, Access and Last Mile. SIAE MICROELETTRONICA offers compact and scalable solutions that are a real alternative to SDSL for last mile access in addition to backbone solutions for DSLAM or mobile applications.

All SIAE MICROELETTRONICA products are IP compatible and have the capability to carry on the same platform legacy TDM applications and the newest packet interfaces, allowing customers to access a new range of applications (VoIP, Data, Video, Telemetry, etc.). While the cost of leased lines increases on an annual basis and is difficult to predict, the cost of the radio infrastructure is determined mainly by OPEX costs that can be identified with ease. SIAE MICROELETTRONICA products, solutions and services support applications across many sectors including, but not limited to:

  • Telecommunications
  • Education
  • Energy, Oil and Gas
  • Local Governments
  • Emergency Services

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Mobility Network Solutions from Firetide

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 13.03.23

In today’s world the need to create safe environments has become paramount.

Those who are responsible for and oversee our communities, like city governments, police departments and corporate security, need reliable ways to ensure the safety and security of the spaces where we all live, work and play. 

In an emergency, gaining high quality real-time situational awareness and information can help prepare an effective response and mitigate situations as quickly and safely as possible. 

The ability to capture information by remotely monitoring public spaces for effective population protection allows for effective and efficient coordination of policing and security management. In today’s increasingly mobile environment, networks need to do more than connect devices and transport data:  they need to support your increasingly mobile assets and business operations, as well as handle our increasing dependency on video.



The City of Mission, Texas is one of the fastest growing metropolitan communities in the country. High-performance wireless mesh video network dramatically improves the city’s public safety.




 The city of Houston has deployed Firetide’s HotPort Wireless Mesh network to enable high definition video surveillance of 134 downtown intersections.




Wireless mesh delivers unique ability to provide high-performance real-time video streaming in challenging subway environment to and from trains moving at 50 mph.


Carrier Class Wifi


Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 21.09.03

Carrier Class WiFi Solutions from Aptilo Networks  

Wavesight, a leader in outdoor wireless solutions in the UK and India, is working with Aptilo Networks, the leading provider of carrier-class Wi-Fi service management solutions, to enable Wi-Fi services for wireless networks in the video surveillance industry, and mobile surveillance solutions for commercial and public transportation deployments. With the Aptilo Service Management Platform™ (SMP), a state-of-the-art system to deliver and manage carrier-class Wi-Fi services, Wavesight customers can rapidly deploy Wi-Fi hotspots. Aptilo SMP enables carrier Wi-Fi in a highly scalable platform, supporting fast, cost-effective rollouts.

With the Aptilo Service Management Platform™ (SMP), a state-of-the-art system to deliver and manage carrier-class Wi-Fi services, Wavesight customers can rapidly deploy Wi-Fi hotspots. Aptilo SMP enables carrier Wi-Fi in a highly scalable platform, supporting fast, cost-effective rollouts.