Effective, rapidly deployable security solutions

Due to increasing threats to our national security, government organisations are working harder than ever to ensure civilians and public assets are protected and secure.

Wavesight are pioneers in our field. We work with legislative bodies to provide wireless security solutions that reduce the risks of terrorism, extortion and theft.


Secure wireless communications systems

Disruptive events at airports and ports can have an impact on cargo movement throughout the region. As such, there is a security and safety imperative to safeguard people, shipments and infrastructure.

Due to the vast quantity of people passing through airports and ports daily, these locations are susceptible to acts of terrorism and other crimes. Wavesight provide secure, wireless communications systems featuring high data bandwidth with compressed video streams in a compact design to protect property and lives.


Convenient wireless links for industrial camera systems

Many industrial environments require the use of camera installations to provide remote visibility of key processes, system functions and critical plant machinery.

Often, the nature of these installations means that the installation of cable between the camera and the viewing console is not practical, either because of the high risk of the cable being damaged, health and safety concerns or because the camera is located on a moving platform or crane jib, for example.

Wavesight wireless video links provide an easily deployed and effective solution to these challenges. By replacing the cable with an industrially rated, high bandwidth wireless video link, the placement flexibility of both the camera and the viewing console can be improved and the inconvenience and health and safety risk associated with cable runs can be eliminated.


High-quality video, extremely low latency

Wavesight outdoor wireless CCTV solutions offer a genuine alternative to cable or fibre connections between camera or remote DVR and control room.

Using proprietary OFDM and microwave technology operating on license exempt and licensed band frequencies, Wavesight wireless systems can be deployed rapidly and provide extremely low latency, high quality video links ideally suited to modern security and surveillance installations.

When compared with the civil engineering costs and inconvenience associated with the installation of cable, or the increasingly high costs of leased line fibre, Wavesight wireless CCTV links offer high reliability, high bandwidth solutions with a demonstrable return on investment.


Flexible and expandable wireless data communications

Wavesight wireless ethernet bridges provide a rapidly deployable and scaleable infrastructure ideal in meeting the needs of several applications.

Such applications range from simple wireless ethernet data links, for example from a control room in a rail station to the departures display screens on the platforms. The installation of cables in these cases often results in areas of the platform being closed off and passenger inconvenience. Wavesight wirelesss data bridges can be deployed extremely rapidly, minimising any passenger inconvenience and limiting impact on station operations.

Other systems involve the wireless connection of ANPR (Automated Number Plate Recognition) cameras around an airport perimeter back to a central security control. Wavesight wireless data links are ideal for this type of application, being extremely resilient and providing high levels of data security using a selection of industry standard and proprietary data compression and encryption techniques.



Technology Video

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