Technology: Scorpion

Licensed Exempt Enterprise Class PtP and PtMP Wireless Networks

Wavesight indoor/outdoor wireless CCTV solutions offer a genuine alternative to cable or fibre connections between camera or remote NVR/DVR and control room.

Using standards-based OFDM technology with proprietary security features operating on license exempt frequency bands, Wavesight wireless links and networks can be deployed rapidly and provide extremely low latency, high quality video ideally suited to modern security and surveillance installations.

Although our products operate on standard Wi-Fi spectrum 802 .11 a/n/ac spectrum they also have the capability to be operated on a new mode of operation that deviates from the IEE802.11 CSMA CA standards. Our innovative solution uses a state-of-art proprietary technique based on TDMA technology. This solution is designed to overcome the limitations of traditional CSMA/CA wireless communications at long distances, and reduce the noise and interference in surrounding radio environment.


• Data rates up to 300 Mbps (300 Series) and 870 Mbps (450 Series)
• Distances up to 40 KMS
• Qualcomm Commercial 802.11a/N/AC Spec. (N Spec 300 Series) (AC Spec 450 Series)
• MTI WE MIMO Integrated Antenna
• IP 67 Rated Housing
• PTP and PTMP Bridging Applications
• 5/10/20/40MHz Channel-width support
• Hardware Baseband Filtering
• Intelligent Channel Management
• Mini-PCI on board (AC Spec support via plug-in)

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