Jaltek Telematics was originally formed to address offshore subsea telemetry markets and is now one of the leading specialist telematics companies in Europe. Solutions span markets as diverse as Automotive and Offshore Oil and Gas.

Our protocols were initially developed to meet the demands of the offshore industry to provide mission critical, control and communication with remote vehicles and sub-systems located on the seabed. Our products and solutions are incorporated in ground penetrating radar systems developed by ExxonMobil and Statoil and remote data acquisition solutions deployed by Hyundai to name a few.

Remote Data Acquisition Our most advanced telemetry products are used by a Global Automotive OEM and Tier One suppliers to acquire and process performance data from vehicles in the field in real time.

Asset Management High fuel prices and the demanding logistical requirements of the global distribution systems require more than basic tracking. Our comprehensive hardware and software solutions helps distribution and logistics providers save money and improve their efficiency.

Vehicle Monitoring A number of Europe’s leading tracking service providers turned to us to provide a product and solution capable of meeting the exacting standards required by the Thatcham Category standard.

Remote Telemetry and Diagnostics The communication protocol incorporated in the telematics platforms allows users to be simultaneously connected to multiple remote instruments or sub-systems via a network structure supported by GSM, ADSL or Optical Fibre and is compatible with automotive CAN and MOST networks.

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