4 May 2012

Docklands Light Railway Communications and Security – UK

The Requirement

Increase in-carriage security and monitoring capability as part of DLR’s expansion plans.

The Solution

Employed Wavesight’s wireless technology to provide train to control centre wireless infrastructure, capable of real time mobile data transmission. Several years ago Serco Docklands came up with the idea of adding value to the service the DLR provides to its passengers, by displaying real-time news and advertising in the carriages on the DLR’s trains. They worked closely with wireless specialists Wavesight on a pilot project that utilised trackside wireless radio access points, to provide a constant feed of information to screens in each carriage.

Proof of concept

The Pilot was very successful and well received by passengers. For DLR, this also successfully proved the concept of reliable realtime wireless data transfer to a moving train – previous solutions were capable of data transfer only when a train is stationery and within access range of a point of presence.

Flexing the technology

Since then, with a focus on increased passenger safety and security, DLR made a decision to utilise the real strength of the technology by feeding in-carriage CCTV images back to DLR’s operations centre.

Video feeds from security cameras in each carriage are transmitted wirelessly to access points spaced along the track, providing high resolution, real time images. Deployment by integrator Falcon Protec has moved rapidly, helped by the ease of installation and set up of Wavesight’s equipment. As a result, network managers are now able to identify potential incidents as they develop, and pro-actively deal with them before they escalate, rather than merely dealing with the consequences. This has already had a positive effect in their efforts to combat vandalism and other anti-social behaviour.

Development to meet future demands

Wireless systems such as this offer the fast deployment, flexibility and lower running costs today’s transport operators need in order to provide effective management of their assets and services. For DLR, the system’s reliability is now proven and will be developed as its infrastructure grows to meet future needs. Already, the new security system is an integral part of DLR’s expansion plans as part of the Olympic Transport strategy, helping it to address the major security concerns the event will bring to the network and the capital.

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