29 July 2016

HAl View Ruggedized 7 inch and 10 Inch tablets provided with BIS Certification

The Product Certification Scheme of BIS aims at providing Third Party Guarantee of quality, safety and reliability of products to the customer. Presence of ISI certification mark, known as Standard Mark, on a product is an assurance of conformity to the specifications. The conformity is ensured by regular surveillance of the licensee’s performance by surprise inspections and testing of samples, drawn both from the market and factory.

The manufacturer is permitted to self-certify the licensed products after ascertaining its conformity to the Standard. Through its surveillance operations, the Bureau maintains a close vigil on the quality of certified goods. The certification scheme operates through a network of 34 Branch Offices set up in State capitals or major industrial towns and 5 Regional Offices overseeing the work of the Branch offices.


Ruggedized 7 and 10 Inch Tablets