14 November 2011

London Borough of Islington – UK

The Requirement

Currently the UK government is undertaking major refurbishments to housing estates and high rise housing blocks in many London borough’s. As part of this initiative, Homes For Islington (HFI) are currently rejuvenating the Six Acres housing estate in Islington, North London, a built up living area comprising of many blocks of flats and council accommodations. The local council and HFI have three large blocks of Flats that each needed a manned concierge to control/view cameras and recordings along with door entry access control and public announcements.

The Solution

The Council decided to use The Genesys software solution and control equipment from ISM UK along with Wavesight’s WaveSprint outdoor wireless inks to connect and control all three blocks of flats from a single location, thus alleviating the need for a person to be located in each of the three blocks 24hours per day.

The normal approach of the council when considering connections to multiple sites/locations would be to install costly fibre optic cables. This results in a much higher installation cost along with many problems associated with road closures, surveys and other underground service installation.

HFI’s decision to use the Genesys software to control all systems at a single PC station and Wavesights WaveSPRINT links to connect all three blocks together resulted in a highly robust and easily expandable network.


The Result

Homes for Islington (HFI) now have a highly scalable network and system to control and manage the three separate blocks of flats from a single location (Noll House).

Because of the way the Wavesight wireless network has been configured and installed, the client can quickly and economically add many other services to the network.

Services such as additional cameras, help points and access control systems can be added in the knowledge that they will not incur any of the additional ongoing costs usually associated with the fibre equivalent.

HFI are now considering connections to other blocks of flats within Islington and to a more centralised control point nearer the city centre. This is achievable with buildings and locations in excess of 20km due to the Wavesight network transceivers being located on top of the tall blocks of flats.

The estimated capital cost savings resulting from employing a Wavesight Wireless Network compared with the fibre equivalent were in excess of £100,000. Furthermore, the use of Wavesight wireless systems operating on a license free frequency eliminates annual lease costs of £15,000 per year.

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