Dual SD card MDVR

The HAL Connect Mobile DVR is a rugged and comprehensive mobile surveillance solution designed to efficiently monitor and protect valuable assets and ensure personal safety in commercial and public transport like a Bus, Truck, Trailer, Train, Metro or Taxi.

With advanced anti-shock and anti-vibration technology to allow easy and vertical installation, its high-performing processor delivers advanced file protection technology for data reliability and data recovery even in adverse road condition. Advanced H.264 video compression maximizes high resolution D1 recording with real time frame rate @25fps. Embedded with Wi-Fi for video andhal-connectalarm files download the Mobile DVR provides multiple interfaces to connect peripheral device like external UPS battery, cameras, fireproof box, alarm box, inertia sensor and panic button to name a few.

All backed up by an intelligent client specific CMS system to track and monitor the fleet and view and record incidents in real time where required. Deployments within public transportation systems across the world including the Middle East and Africa has helped the HAL Connect Solution become the most versatile and comprehensive mobile surveillance solution.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 14.12.43Key Features

  • Supports 4 channels WD1+1 channels 720P
  • Supports 2 pcs SD cards for recording
  • Support GPS for location tracking
  • Built-in 3G/4G for live view and remote management
  • Supports 360 degree anti-vibration
  • Supports USB2.0 high speed backup
  • Supports data recovery technology
  • Wide power range of 8-36V.

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Electrical level: 2Vpp Input impedance: 4.7k

Support 1 pcs 2.5 inch HDD/SSD.
Max 1TB. Support 1 pcs SD card backup *.
Support Mirror Recording with a expand fireproof box**

OS Linux 3.0.8
Input 4 channels WD1+1 channel 72 0P
Output 1 Channel
Total Resource Total Resource (4×25)FPS WD1 @ PAL / (4×30)FPS WD1 @ NTSC +30FPS 720 P
Video Signal Standard Electrical level: 1Vpp Impedance : 75Ω NTSC/PAL Optional
Input 5 channels (1c hannel IPC audio input)
Output 1 channel
Audio Signal Standard Electrical level: 2Vpp Input impedance: 4 .7Ω
Display Split 1/4/9
Operation Interface Semi-transparent GUI
Image Resolution Analog : PAL: WD1(928X576), WHD1(928X288), WCIF(464X288), D1(704X576), HD1(704×288), CIF(352×28 8); NTSC: WD1(928X480), WHD1(928X240), WCIF(464X240), D1(704×480), HD1(704×240), CIF(352×2 40); Digital : 720P(1280X720; )
Image Quality 1-8 levels adjustable (1 is the best)
Recording Mode Boot up/Manual/Schedule/Alarm
Pre-recording 0-60 minutes
Post-recording 0-30 minutes
Mirror/Dual Recording Support
Playback Channel 1 channel by local playback
Search Mode Date/time, channel, event
WIFI/3G/4G(Option al) 802.11b/g/n/EVDO/WCDMA/TDD-LTE/FDD-LTE
IPC Ethernet 6-pin DJ(100M x 1, PON power supply)
GPS Location tracking, speed detection and time sync
SD Card SD card x 2
USB USB2.0 x 1
RS232 RS232 × 1
Sensor 8 inputs, 2 outputs
Speed 1 channel pulse speed detection
Intercommunication I mic interface
Input DC8-36V,Ignition signal
Output 5V@500mA
Max Power Consumption 29W
Standby Power Consumption  0W
Water Proof Rate IP54
Dimension (LxWxH) 167.3mm x 146.3 mm x 54.1m m
Weight 0.83Kg
Operating Temperature -40°C- +70°C (With heater) or -10°C-+ 70 °C
Operating Relative Humidity 8%-90%(No Condense)

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