Hal-Fleet – The simplest tracking solution designed to improve efficiency and productivity of your fleet saving fuel, ensuring on time performance and improving safety

To help manage your fleet, HAL Fleet delivers a
Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 12.04.52broad spectrum of features for greater efficiency and productivity.

On the back of the success of HAL Locate (A Thatcham Cat 6 device for the Caravan and Motor Home industry) HAL Fleet’s integrated software and systems help make fleet operations safer and more productive. HAL FLEET helps dispatchers and operations managers make better decisions and helps improve performance.

With the help of Cloud Locate, HAL FLEET lets you easily locate, track and monitor the position and the operations of vehicles in your fleet. The solution includes real-time tracking of vehicles from a desktop and real time monitoring to enforce safer driving. For example – you can monitor mileage and vehicle use andScreen Shot 2015-11-23 at 22.52.27alert managers to unauthorized use and unsafe driving behavior. 3D maps incorporating the latest technologies and comprehensive reporting tools help complete the simple yet cost effective solution. Cloud Locate is browser- based and accessible from any Internet- connected device.

Some of the benefits of the HAL Fleet solution include:

  • Fuel savings ensured by better Miles per gallon, achieved and less idling.
  • Labour savings averaging 30 minutes per day per vehicle.
  • Improving productivity. Average at least one more job per day per employee.
  • Cloud Locate Efficiency. Less training, faster ramp-up with intuitive, integrated map views, easy-to-use screen layouts and recognizable icons.
  • Safety performance improved through real-time monitoring, alerts and reports that to help trim costs and ensure compliance.
  • Customer service improved by knowing exact arrival times, responding more effectively to emergencies and last minute changes, and “tearing down the old wall map.”
  • No more side jobs — as a result of eliminating unauthorized vehicle use. Traffic violations reduced – with the monitoring of driving behavior.
  • Security and safety enhanced with integrated GPS, real time monitoring, alerts, and messaging.
  • Lower compliance costs and reduce audit risk

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Electrical level: 2Vpp Input impedance: 4.7k

Dimensions 85 x 56 x 27mm
Weight Weight 85 grams
GPS Device Internal
Cellular Internal
Status LEDs GPS and Cellular
Operating Voltage 6 to 32 VDC Power Consumption
Deep Sleep <1 mA @ 12V Sleep on Network
<10mA @ 12V Ac’ve Standby
<70mA @ 12V
Operating -22° to 167°F (-30°C to 75°C)
Storage -40° to 185°F (-40°C to 85°C)
Humidity 95%RH @ 122°F non-condensing Shock and Vibra’on SAE J1455
EMC/EMI Fully type approved confirming with the R&TTE directive Ce approval
RoHS Compliant
GPS 50 channel (with WAAS)
Sensitivity 163 dbm
Comm. Modes GPRS packet data and SMS Data Support SMS, GPRS (UDP)
Cellular/PCS FCC - Parts 22, 24; PTCRB
GPS Up to class 12
Quad Band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Inputs optanal
Status LEDs GPS and Cellular

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