6 September 2012

South Eastern Trains, Waterloo – UK

The Requirement

Provide cost effective, reliable data transfer between Waterloo East Station’s control centre and passenger information displays with minimal installation disruption.

The Solution

Utilised Wavesight’s wireless bridges with built in redundancy measures, which reliably provided the capacity required but avoided the major platform disruption associated with traditional cabling. South Eastern Trains (SET) is one of Europe’s largest train service operators, with around 400 trains, 178 stations and 1,700 train journeys per day, equating to over 132 million passenger journeys per year.

As part of its ongoing investment in improved facilities, SET’s contractors approached Wavesight to discuss improvements to the passenger information systems at Waterloo East, one of London’s key stations handling thousands of passengers every day. However, with such a busy station, any planned network upgrades had to involve the absolute minimum disruption.

Reliability is key

The other concern for SouthEast Trains was that information should be available at all times, ensuring that passengers were always kept well informed, especially at times of service disruption.

This required a system with built-in redundancy features that could ensure continuity of information and if a link was to fail, could be easily switched by non-technical staff.

Wavesight developed a bespoke solution to meet SouthEast Train’s specific needs. Utilising their expertise in wireless radio technology, Wavesight developed a ruggedised wireless bridge package that linked SET’s control centre with the network of passenger displays on the platforms, including CRT/TFT monitors and LED moving displays.

Tailored solution

In order to cope with the various displays used on the platforms, Wavesight built flexibility into each system with RS232/485 and Ethernet interfaces. This provided SET with the ability to rapidly install the units across the network, without requiring different radio units for different locations, reducing the logistical and maintenance burden in the process.

Ensuring reliability

Following SET’s requirement for total reliability, Wavesight built and supplied additional pre-configured standby units as part of the project, allowing non-technical platform staff to easily switch a syste m in the unlikely occurrence of a breakdown, thus ensuring total continuity of data feed.

For SET, the wireless solution developed for them by Wavesight has met their needs and given them the resilience and flexibility they need to continue to develop their service as a major public transport operator.

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