Airports and Ports

Airports and Ports

Secure wireless communications systems

Disruptive events at airports and ports can have an impact on cargo movement throughout the region. As such, there is a security and safety imperative to safeguard people, shipments and infrastructure. Due to the vast quantity of people passing through airports and ports daily, these locations are susceptible to acts of terrorism and other crimes.

Wavesight provides secure, wireless communications systems featuring high data bandwidth with compressed video streams in a compact design to protect property and lives.

    • Safeguarding infrastructure, people, cargo and information.
    • Protection of vulnerable areas such as entrance, exit, jetty area, runways, storage areas, loading and unloading areas.
    • Incorporation of surveillance solutions at these key locations.
    • To provide surveillance monitoring of both old and new airport or port areas.
    • To provide monitoring of activities both within the airport or port and also outside the vicinity.

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