City Surveillance

City Surveillance

High-quality video, extremely low latency

Wavesight outdoor wireless CCTV solutions offer a genuine alternative to cable or fibre connections between camera or remote DVR and control room.

Using proprietary OFDM and microwave technology operating on license exempt and licensed band frequencies, Wavesight wireless systems can be deployed rapidly and provide extremely low latency, high quality video links ideally suited to modern security and surveillance installations.

Cost-effective alternative to cable or leased-line fibre

When compared with the civil engineering costs and inconvenience associated with the installation of cable, or the increasingly high costs of leased line fibre, Wavesight wireless CCTV links offer high reliability, high bandwidth solutions with a demonstrable return on investment.

High-performance, video optimised operation

Offering transmission rates of up to 300Mbps and connection distances in excess of 40Km, a single link is capable of transmitting video from up to four CCTV security cameras, each operating at rates up to 25fps.

Rapid Deployment

Wavesight wireless links can be deployed as part of a CCTV security surveillance network equally rapidly as part of a temporary, semi-permanent or permanent installation.

Easy Installation

Exceptionally easy to use, basic Wavesight wireless CCTV links can be configured and installed by any security systems installation professional with basic product training and without the need for extensive IP networking or radio theory expertise.

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