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Effective, rapidly deployable security solutions

Today, as we continue to face the threat posed by international terrorism, security has become one of the greatest preoccupations for companies operating in markets where political instability is commonplace. Governments around the world also face other challenges – the need to maintain law and order and attract foreign investment – both of which rely on the implementation of an effective nationwide security strategy.

Combating terrorism and maintaining homeland security is an area in which British companies excel, particularly Wavesight. One of the positive legacies to emerge from the struggle against terrorism worldwide is that companies in the UK have developed the most advanced and sophisticated electronic security systems in the world. Wavesight, in partnership with other security system providers, have an established track record in delivering wireless video transmission solutions to this sector for many years.

Client organisations in the UK include:

    • The MOD.
    • Home Office (UK).
    • Serious Organised Crime Agency.
    • Counter-Terrorist Unit.
    • Metropolitan and British Transport Police.
    • Drug Enforcement Agencies (covert and overt operations).
    • Various other police forces and services throughout the UK.
    • Local authorities (urban surveillance projects).

We also enjoy privileged relationships abroad with many national governments, helping to protect vital commercial, military and critical national infrastructure against the threat of terrorist activity.

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