Transport solutions

Flexible and expandable wireless data communications

Increasingly, more sophisticated approaches are being taken to traffic and transport management. These new approaches require flexible and extendable data and image communication connectivity.

Wavesight wireless ethernet bridges provide a rapidly deployable and scaleable infrastructure ideal in meeting the needs of these applications.

Reducing public inconvenience

Such applications range from simple wireless ethernet data links, for example from a control room in a rail station to the departures display screens on the platforms. The installation of cables in these cases often results in areas of the platform being closed off and passenger inconvenience. Wavesight wirelesss data bridges can be deployed extremely rapidly, minimising any passenger inconvenience and limiting impact on station operations.

Wireless ANPR camera links

Other systems involve the wireless connection of ANPR (Automated Number Plate Recognition) cameras around an airport perimeter back to a central security control. Wavesight wireless data links are ideal for this type of application, being extremely resilient and providing high levels of data security using a selection of industry standard and proprietary data compression and encryption techniques.

Enhancing metro passenger safety

Wavesight wireless links have been put to effective use enabling a metro underground train driver to have a view of a platform prior to actual arrival, during the stop and even during departure. Typically, signals from CCTV cameras on the metro platform are transmitted by Wavesight wireless video transmitters up and down the tunnel, automatically connecting to a Wavesight video receiver and display monitor in the train driver’s cab.

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