What is the default IP address of my WaveSPRINT/FLOW/MAX unit?

The default IP address is

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How do I connect the RJ45 connector to the ethernet cable supplied with each WaveSPRINT/FLOW/MAX unit?

8 conductor Cat5/5e data cable contains 4 twisted pairs of wires. Each pair consists of a solid colour wire and a colour striped wire. To maintain Ethernet connection reliability do not untwist each pair any more than necessary to make the termination (typically 6mm).
The connections shown are specifically for a RJ-45 connection to the un-terminated end of the Ethernet cable supplied with WaveSPRINT, WaveFLOW and WaveMAX products. Both ends of the cable should be terminated according to the T-568A standard.

Colour codes for RJ-45 Ethernet connector (T-568A)

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How do I connect two WaveSPRINT/FLOW/MAX units back to back to create a relay?

WaveSPRINT, WAVEFLOW and WAVEMAX units can easily be connected ‘back to back’ to create a relay point using a straight or crossover ethernet patch cable between the associated POE injectors.

Connecting two WaveSPRINT/FLOW/MAX units using the POE devices to create a relay:

Wavesprint, waveflow, wavemax ethernet relay connection diagramWavesight wireless cctv

What licence fee do we have to pay for our Wireless link?

2.4Ghz is licence exempt
5Ghz band c has a once installed fee, payable to the Radio Communications Agency

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What is the legal maximum output power?

Band Application  Number of channels Max Power
2.400 – 2.483GHz Industrial Scientific Medical Band
Must comply with EN 300 328
3 non overlapping
4 slightly overlapping
Max EIRP 100mW
5.150 – 5.350GHz
Must be nomadic/mobile
Indoor use only
Must comply with and IR 2006
8 non overlapping Max EIRP 200mW
5.470 – 5.725GHz
Must be nomadic/mobile
Must comply with IR 2006
11 non overlapping Max EIRP 1W
5.725 – 5.850GHz
Fixed Wireless Access FWA Services
Must comply with IR2007
4 non overlapping EIRP 2W
(e.g. 5MHz=500mW/)

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How many channels can I use in the 2.4GHz band?

1. Channels 1, 7 and 13 for ETSI 3 channels

2. Channels 1, 5, 9 and 13 for ETSI 4 channels but requires spacing

3. Channels 1, 6 and 11 for US

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What is the maximum POE cable run?

The maximum cable run for the outdoor POE cat 5 cable is 90m but Wavesight sell a 50m length also. There is a standard 20m POE cable in every box.

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Where can I find the installer ID?

The installer ID is supplied from Wavesight or from the installing company. The configuration should only be attempted by a trained, competent person.

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How do I configure a Wavesight wireless radio?

The wireless radio is configured via the RF Analyzer program which is supplied with the equipment on a CD or is downloadable from this website for monitoring purposes only without the installer ID.

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Poor Radio Signal Results?

Not receiving data via the link?

Unable to establish a link?

Link quality has been getting worse (intermittent data?)

When the antennas have been mounted according to the installation procedure and the radio signal test results in a poor radio link there are several checks that can be conducted. Not all of the following suggestions will be used to solve a problem but the following list is intended to provide a comprehensive guideline of any possible causes. It is assumed that all antennas, bridges and cables have been fully tested and proven operational prior to installation. Check that the radio path is clear of all obstacles. Should any obstacles be in the radio path then conduct a Line of Sight Adjustment test prior to any antenna installation.

To obtain the best line of sight extra height may be required. This will require the use of an extended length pole and possibly cable.

  1. Check the cable from antenna to Wireless radio for any abnormal bends.
  2. Inspect connectors of cable for any noticeable damage.
  3. Inspect connectors of cable for any water damage.
  4. Is the antenna mounted and aimed in the correct direction?
  5. Is the Omni-directional antenna able to propagate the radio signal in a 360° fashion, or are any parts of the antenna hidden?
  6. Try a different frequency setting on the Wireless radio and monitor results using the radio diagnostics program.
  7. Is the Network ID (NWID) of the bridges matched? (Please refer to the previous section of this installation use guide for details of how this canbe altered)
  8. Are all cable connections secure?

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The lights have gone out on the POE and the link is down – what do I do?

  1. Check the fuses and supply to the POE
  2. Swap out the POE

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