Welcome to RF Analyser Software & Key Generator

Wavesight RF Analyser software is supplied as standard with all Wavesight wireless products. A copy can also be downloaded from the Wavesight technical support FTP site at ftp.data.jaltek.com Contact your local Wavesight support team for the user name and password credentials to access the support FTP site. To use Wavesight's RF Analyser software you will require an Installation Key to activate it. Just follow these simple steps:
  1. Install RF Analyser from the Wavesight Installation Tools CD
  2. Run RF Analyser - the first run will be detected and an Installation ID code displayed
  3. Note this code
  4. Enter this code below
  5. Our database will generate the corresponding Installation Key.
  6. Re-run RF analyser and enter the Installation Key into the field below your Installation ID. This will activate the software.