Feasibility Studies


Determine if the proposed services are generally feasible from a technical as well as economic perspective.

Avoid making expensive and time consuming mistakes with your wireless links. Optimise performance with our Path Profiling services. We will examine the grid references for the proposed location of each wireless point and advise on suitability taking into account the topography and other factors. This aspect of the planning process is highly recommended for any links over 500 metres. In designing a wireless network to meet the requirements specified, an outline project plan needs to be developed which may include all or some of the following key tasks:

    • Review the locations of existing cameras and control facility
    • Review the proposal specifications documentation, including any specific requirements and redundancy design features
    • Plot the locations using a geo-mapping utility
    • Design a draft network schematic
    • Conduct a detailed analysis of the resulting path profiles
    • Submit network design for peer checking, review and approval
    • Finalise and publish network design
    • Complete schematics and equipment estimates


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