Technology: Hybrid Energy

Wavesight offers complete remote power surveillance solutions, customisable for CCTV applications – fixed or mobile – in remote locations, where normal utility power is not available or costly to install. The system can be mounted on all types of street furniture or pole and works with any make of type of CCTV camera.

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Hybrid Energy

The self-sufficient multi-functional jackets offer a wide range of application possibilities which can also be adapted and configured according to individual requirements.

The systems deliver the highest levels of performance, reliability and maintainability. With the Smart Controller, power can be optimised from different sources – battery, solar or wind, allowing optimal system performance. The smart controller helps provide optimal power for cloudy days through its intelligent performance concept while cutting back on sunny days when extra energy isn’t required.

The unique Smart-Controller with its intelligent Cloud Management Platform elevates off-grid systems to a new level of performance and reliability. The Cloud- Control is a web-based analytics solution, which gives you 24/7 insight and control of your device’s operating status and power generation effectiveness. With the Cloud-Control you can monitor the performance of the power generation and power consumption of your system via computer or smart phone, change exposure profiles, dim the light, check the batteries, modify profile setups, execute system diagnostics, and much more. Your system is also automatically monitored by the Cloud-Control, so that problems can be identified and dealt with at any time. With the continuous collection of data, the Cloud-Control enables accurate measurements, to maintain the system operation with maximum efficiency.

Installation in Mumbai City

Installation in Diyar Al Muharraq. Bahrain


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