Technology: Mobility Network Solutions

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With a growing need for smart and mobility solutions in India, Wavesight will partner with Firetide to bring mobility solut ions aimed at the Metro and Smart Cites projects in India.

Firetide products help keep people safe. Using patented technology, the Company provides the highest performance fixed and mobile wireless IP network infrastructure products that enable concurrent video, voice and data applications for government, transportation, education and commercial customers. Firetide’s products are used to build private wireless mesh infrastructure and access networks for indoor and outdoor use that are highly reliable and secure. Firetide is based in Silicon Valley with operations throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific regions with an installed base of thousands of customers in over 40 countries around the world.

Products Overview

The Firetide product portfolio enables building a high capacity wireless network that is comparable in performance and reliability to fiber. Firetide’s Mesh HotPort® series form the core of the product offering enabling customers to create a mesh, PTP or PTMP topology over a wireless backbone. To address the growing needs of complex mobile connectivity solutions, Firetide provides wireless mobility service via a dedicated Firetide Mobility Controller appliance, together with past performance and expertise required for the unique characteristics of wireless communications on moving objects such as trains, busses and boats.

The primary advantage of Firetide over its competitors is its advanced wireless technology that powers all products – AutoMesh™. The benefits of an AutoMesh powered wireless network include:

  • Ability to backhaul multi applications over a single network namely video, voice and data
  • Superior performance (high throughput, reliability and low latency) over other wireless technologies
  • Superior scalability without any degradation in performance
  • Lower cost of ownership and rapid deployment compared to fiber
  • Mobility at high speeds while maintaining fiber like performance


Firetide’s AutoMesh™ Technology

AutoMesh is Firetide’s game-changing technology that enables wireless mesh networks to deliver best-in-class reliability, scalability, flexibility, and security for today’s high-performance networks.

Firetide’s AutoMesh™ PRIME Advantages

At the heart of all Firetide products is the AutoMesh software platform built from the ground up for video and mobility – the cornerstones for today’s converged networks. Backed by more than 10 years of innovation and 19 patents to date, AutoMesh delivers the following PRIME technical advantages and customer benefits.

Performance & Scability

No disruption in network traffic, optimized traffic flow, up to 300Mbps with dual radio, and less than 1 ms latency per hop

  • Large coverage scope with optimal performance
  • Fast infrastructure deployment
  • Low total cost-of-ownership (TCO)
  • Linear scalability – without packet drop or throughput degeneration Improved performance

Integration Simplicity

Smooth integration and performance continuity with existing wired and wireless infrastructures

  • Streamlined network deployment
  • Central management for the entire network
  • Reduced network maintenance cost
  • Consistent user experience across indoor wired and outdoor wireless


Real-time, streaming HD-video at speeds up to 100 mph and offloading of several gigabits of data in-depot in less than a minute 

  • Improved, real-time crime deterrence
  • Increased efficiency and workforce productivity
  • Reduced operating costs and potential new sources of revenue

End-to-End Security

Faster and more secure transmissions of data, voice, and video across the entire network; 256-bit AES encryption and FIPS 140-2 compliant 

  • Information security and integrity
  • Military-grade applications security
  • Improved video performance

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Case Studies



The City of Mission, Texas is one of the fastest growing metropolitan communities in the country. High-performance wireless mesh video network dramatically improves the city’s public safety.




 The city of Houston has deployed Firetide’s HotPort Wireless Mesh network to enable high definition video surveillance of 134 downtown intersections.




Wireless mesh delivers unique ability to provide high-performance real-time video streaming in challenging subway environment to and from trains moving at 50 mph.