19 December 2011

Tuticorin Port Trust Wireless CCTV Surveillance & Security System – India

The Requirement

Any disruptive event at the port can have an impact on cargo movement throughout the region. As such, there is a security and safety imperative to safeguard people, cargo and infrastructure.

Key requirements included:
• Safeguarding infrastructure, people, cargo and information.
• Protection of vulnerable areas such as entrance, exit,jetty area, storage areas, loading and unloading areas.
• Incorporation of surveillance solutions at these key locations.
• To provide surveillance monitoring of both old and new port areas.
• To provide monitoring of activities both within the port and at sea.

The Solution

A wireless solution for interconnection of surveillance infrastructure was chosen in this case because of the vast areas to be covered. Laying cables in a commissioned port is not feasible, whereas the erection of masts to support radio transmission equipment is less disruptive and time consuming. In addition, only a wireless solution could be implemented to connect otherwise unreachable ship entry and exit points.

Tuticorin – a major sea port

Tuticorin is one of the twelve major ports in India and the second largest in the state of Tamil Nadu. It operates shipping to the USA, China, Europe, Sri Lanka and Mediteranian. The port is man-made and features parallel breakwaters projecting approximately 4Km out to sea. The harbour basin extends to nearly 400 hectares of protected water area and is served by a 2.4Km approach channel.

Functional requirements

The first phase of the implementation of this integrated security solution comprised:
• Installation of surveillance points at:
– Check points
– Vehicle monitoring gates
– Ship entry and exit areas
– Jetty area
– Ship unloading area
– Ship movement area
– Storage area
– Shore area adjacent to the port
• A centralised command and control centre.
• Scalable systems with scope for advanced integration with second phase solutions development.

Wavesight – the preferred choice

A number of international wireless systems providers were considered, however Wavesight were selected following a professional on-site demonstration was shown to successfully connect remote sites.
The wireless system was designed and deployed by Wavesight Wireless Solutions based in New Delhi, India in partnership with the security systems integrator HCL infosystems Ltd.

Creating alternative paths

The port features many high cranes and ships loaded with metal containers which can often cause problems for wireless equipment requiring clear line of sight for effective operation. In addition, the customers requirements included the need for a high mast with a moveable ring for mounting cameras and antennas, complicating the task of aligning those antennas somewhat. The implementation of a carefully designed multipoint network enabled the Wavesight design team to overcome these challenges and provide a reliable and scalable solution.
Each multi-point cell is based around the use of a WaveMAX-SA unit connected to an omni-directional antenna. A number of WaveSPRINT units are then employed to connect the remote cameras back to the WaveMAX-SA base station. These base stations are then linked back to the command and control centre. The creation of overlapping multi-point zones enables any camera feed to be diverted through an adjacent cell in the case of a partial system failure.

Tuticorin Port Wireless CCTV Network

Professional Services provision

In addition to the wireless transceiver products, Wavesight Wireless Solutions provided a range of professional services. These services included the completion of a full and detailed site survey, network design, installation and commissioning and training of the security systems integrator partners engineers.

Wavesight units deployed

The installed network utilises 34 Wavesight wireless transceivers to connect 28 cameras (a combination of fixed and PTZ types) in point to multipoint configurations, specifically:
• WaveSPRINT x20
• WaveFLOW x9
• WaveMAX x2
• WaveMAX-SA x3

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