10 August 2015

Wavesight and MTI Wireless Edge form an OEM Partnership to develop high quality antennas

mti wireless edge_Logo

In line with our strategy to work with credible and reliable component manufacturers, Wavesight is pleased to announce an OEM partnership with MTI Wireless Edge. MTI Wireless Edge is a world leader in the development and production of high quality, low cost, antenna solutions including Smart Antennas, MIMO antennas and Dual Polarity for wireless applications such as WiMAX, Wi-Fi, Broadband Wireless Access and RFID. Established in 1972, MTI is supplying antennas for both military and commercial applications from 100 KHz to 90 GHz. MTI WE offer the most dynamic variety of off-the shelf and customized antennas –  including sector, directional and Omni Directional antennas for all broad and narrow band wireless applications in both licensed and unlicensed bands. MTI Military products also include a wide range of broadband, tactical and specialized communications antennas, antenna systems and DF arrays installed on numerous airborne, ground and naval, including submarine, platforms worldwide.

For more details please visit www.mtiwe.com