17 January 2014

Wavesight awarded first-ever wireless IP CCTV project in Ghana, West Africa

Specialist outdoor wireless CCTV supplier, Wavesight, has won the contract to supply and commission a wireless CCTV system for a fuel storage depot in Accra, Ghana, West Africa. The new surveillance system is being installed for The Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company Ltd (BOST), which has the Government of Ghana as its sole shareholder. BOST has the mandate to develop a network of storage tanks, pipelines and other bulk transportation infrastructure throughout the country and to keep strategic reserve stocks for Ghana. The new surveillance system is being installed at BOST’s Accra Plains Depot and is reported to be the first wireless IP megapixel system in the country. The £400,000 installation, which includes a new CCTV control room at the site, was necessary after repeated increases in fuel theft.

Wavesight, in conjunction with nationwide, Accra-based installation partner, Jidem Security, will manage the physical surveys, network design/layout schematics and overall commissioning of the system, which will protect the oil storage containers and equipment at the 21-acre site. A total of 43 Wavesight microwave wireless bridges will be installed, comprising 25 WaveSPRINTs, 12 WaveFLOWs and 6 WaveMAXs.

The project will include over 60 IP CCTV cameras supplied by Y3K, as well as an integrated broadcast PA speaker system, which will also run over the wireless network and offer remote voice-over warnings. This will be combined with the on-site presence of local security guards and mobile patrols to prevent security breaches from occurring and escalating.