5 December 2012

Wavesight launches new WaveSPRINT MINI – ideal for indoor wireless transmission of voice, data and CCTV

Luton, 5th December 2012. Wavesight, the specialist supplier of outdoor wireless CCTV solutions, has designed a new point-to-point link suitable for indoor use. Until now, demand for Wavesight products has been primarily for outdoor use due to their ruggedised build quality and connection distances of up to 60 km. However, the company has recently begun production of a new range specially designed for internal use: WaveSprint MINI.

WaveSprint MINI offers a class-leading performance package optimised for short-range point-to-point indoor applications up to 54 Mbps, operating over distances of up to 600 metres. Extremely compact and unobtrusive, WaveSPRINT MINI is a small indoor wireless link suitable for use in factories, high-rise buildings, shopping malls and other commercial buildings.

Optimised for creating high-quality, exceptionally low-latency video links, the WaveSPRINT MINI wireless IP transceiver is ideal for carrying high-resolution real-time video and is particularly suitable for use with high-resolution megapixel cameras in applications over short distances.

WaveSPRINT MINI features:

• Optimised for video transmission
• Extremely low latency
• Consistently high bandwidth
• Up to 54 Mbps at ranges up to 600 metres
• Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom

WaveSPRINT MINI is exceptionally easy to configure and install and offers a highly reliable, cost-effective alternative to leased-line fibre transmission. Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless links can deliver similar performance to fibre. They produce low levels of latency and high image quality at a significantly lower cost, whether as standalone networks or to extend the range of existing fibre networks where cabling costs may be prohibitive.

WaveSPRINT MINI will be available from 1st March 2013, direct from Wavesight or from authorised resellers.

Please click here to download the WaveSPRINT MINI data sheet

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