13 January 2012

Wireless Information & Ticketing Bus System Milan – Italy

The Requirement

A major systems integrator was engaged to implement an on bus information and automatic ticket entry system. A key part of this system was the requirement for a Wi-Fi communications unit capable of automatically connecting to the depot servers whenever a bus comes into the depot.

The Solution

Wavesight designed and manufactured a small and rugged bulkhead mountable module utilising its powerful WaveMAX technology. The resulting WaveTRANS unit is fully approved, complying with relevant EU regulations for utilisation within public transport infrastructure.

Wavesight was approached in the summer of 2005 to provide a public transport mobile Wi-Fi solution. The EU has placed strict rules on the type of equipment that can be installed on public transport, mainly to ensure that it does not interfere with the vehicles control systems. The WaveTRANS module is equipped with DC input with over voltage safety protection and is powered directly from the vehicle power supply. Connection with on-board control systems is via a dedicated 10/100 auto sensing Ethernet port.

Automatic data link activation

WaveTRANS can be set as either a client or an access point depending upon the specific application requirements. Upon arrival at the depot, WaveTRANS automatically connects with the closest access point and activates a data link. WaveTRANS must make a positive connection and guarantee data delivery. The time allocated for the data transfer is variable as some buses only stop temporarily whilst others will park for several hours.

System security

Security was another vital aspect, therefore the WaveTRANS unit must ensure that it cannot be compromised by other Wi-Fi systems. This is maintained by special features designed into the WaveMAX technology, whilst still maintaining a link under the auspices of the IEEE 802.11 standard and protocols. Some 500 buses in Milan are now equipped with Wavesights WaveTRANS system.

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